Baviaans Lodge-meals-a treat !

Baviaans Lodge, meal time treats for our guests !

Great to meet to many wonderful people, one of the highlights and enjoyment I get from managing Baviaans Lodge, its hands on, but so much encouragement when your hard work is appreciated ! This is what our guests from this last week/weekend had to say !

"Hi Rob

After being in the wilderness, it takes a couple of days to adjust to city life again. This is the part that I hate - the coming back (from paradise).We want to thank you for the time that we could spend at your farm. I do not have to tell you that we thoroughly enjoyed our stay; that was obvious. I am not going to say anything about the food because it was so good that I have no words. We did not spend much time in the cottage but when we were there, it was wonderful. Thank you for the firewood - at most places that charge your tariffs, we have to pay for wood.A big thank you to Janine as well. Best wishes for the rest of 2017."

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