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Baviaans Lodge 
GPS Points

Baviaans Lodge - GPS Points
  Lat  - 33.76909
  Long 24.09881

Baviaans Lodge phone
021 813 5883 wi-fi connected
Google maps from the R62 does not display the correct route, please follow written directions

                    Directions from Assegaaibosch Station Turn-off on the R62 ( distance to Lodge is 45 km, approx 90 minutes travel )

Coming via the R62, 2 km before Kareedouw from the Humansdorp side, right hand exit, marked Assegaaibosch Railway Station.

                    Turn right off R62. Cross over the low level bridge and turn left at the T-junction (follow the Suuranys sign). Travel up over the mountain pass (about 20 min.) you will reach a T-junction.

                    Turn left and follow the road until reaching a large river poort( approx 20 mins ) Travel through the Poort and cross the Kouga River,(take care on approaches to the Poort) 2 kilometers after the river crossing, you will reach a left hand exit for Baviaans Lodge.

                    Turn left and stay on this road until you reach the lodge. The Lodge is a further 22 km from this turn-off point.

Rus en Vrede turn-off, Baviaanskloof- GPS Points

     Lat  - 33.570613  

   Long 24.109830

Directions from Willowmore/Uniondale Areas along the Baviaanskloof R 332 road and via the 4x4 entry to the Lodge

Travel South from Willowmore towards Patensie. About 80 klms South, you will reach a farm Rus en Vrede on right-hand side of the road ( just after Studis and 6 kilometers before Sandvlakte. If you get to Sandvlakte, go back about 6 klm.)

Turn into the farm. Kindly stop at Rus en Vrede farmhouse, register your vehicle for use of trail and your Baviaanskloof Reserve permit. Small fee payable for use of 4x4 trail ( 3 hours) to Lodge.

Rus en Vrede turn-off, Baviaanskloof- GPS Points

     Lat  - 33.570613  

   Long 24.109830


Directions from Patensie

area via Baviaanskloof R332 road and via the 4x4 entry to the Lodge.

Travel north towards Willowmore. Go Past Geelhoutbos, and Sandvlakte and turn left into the next farm Rus en Vrede (about 6 klms past Sandvlakte) 

Please stop at the farm and register your vehicle for use of the 4x4 trail and Baviaanskloof reserve permits, small fee payable for use of 4x4 trail ( Trail is 3 hours travel to Lodge)

Baviaans Lodge,
Road conditions and travelling

R62 to Baviaans Lodge - Fair Weather travelling-Sedan vehicles with reasonable ground clearance or other bakkies and off road vehicles..

Inclement weather, . 2x4 or 4x4 bakkies and off road vehicles with diff lock recommended

R332 to Baviaans Lodge. good weather 2x4 bakkies with good ground clearance and diff-lock, 4x4 off road vehicles in

bad weather - Strong 4x4 vehicles only



if in doubt

always contact us well in advance !

Baviaanskloof Google maps

Baviaanskloof Google maps

Baviaanskloof google maps is not always correct ! get the right road and directions to Baviaans Lodge, unique Baviaanskloof region Lodge accommodation by checking our web for detailed directions !

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